DHL return label

Our repair service, offers you the option of requesting a free DHL-return label. You will receive this via e-mail as a printout. You can drop your repair device including your error description, if applicable the guarantee certificate or proof of purchase and with the attached return label to any DHL acceptance point.

We would like to point out that without a guarantee certificate or proof of purchase you can not claim any warranty.

Poorly packaged shipments that lead to a transport damage are at the expense of the shipper. Therefore, please note our following packaging tips:

You can find this as a PDF file here:

In warranty cases from the manufacturers Braun, Kenwood and Delonghi, you will receive a package stamp here: 

Delonghi hotline: +49 6102-5790888


Kenwood hotline: +49 6102-5790887


Braun hotline: +49 6102-5790889 domestic tariff

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